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The Accelerated Path to Your Own Decentralized, Off-chain Services

Full-stack solution to get you operational with an Autonolas-powered off-chain service.

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Master the power

of off-chain

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Decentralize at your own pace

We provide tools to get your code running quickly, and the support to progressively decentralize.

Enhance your capabilities

We help you understand the tools and concepts yourself, so you can build with confidence for the long-term.

Leverage our experience

Valory are world-class experts in the space of custom off-chain systems, and are core builders of Autonolas. Our input will help you avoid preventable mistakes, and harness the full power of off-chain.

Get to market quicker

Focus on your core differentiators and let us help with the generic off-chain stuff.

What's On Offer


Your Path to Success


Pick a Plan

We have a range of options to suit your needs around engineering hours, hosted agent seats and more.

Check out the plans and what's on offer above.


Write Your Code

Develop your service using Open Autonomy. This might involve converting a simple script, or building a full off-chain application from scratch. Write it yourself with technical advisory, commission our developers to write it all, or use a blend – whatever fits your budget and requirements.


Run Your Service

Get your code running:
1. As a single, centralized bot on your own server infra
2. Using our hosted service, or
3. As a full decentralized service via the Autonolas protocol


Grow Your Service

Grow your featureset, optimize your configuration and more. Propel subscribers get access to 1:1 technical advisory for immediate help, and education resources to put your organization firmly in control longer term.

Plans & Pricing*

  • Agent Ops

    Every month
    Run an agent as a part of a service without DevOps hassle
    • 1 Hosted Agent Seat (Beta)
    • Office Hours Access
    • Access to Toolkits Documentation
  • Service Ops

    Every month
    Run a whole service with redundancy (4 agents), plus advice
    • 1 Service: 4 Hosted Agent Seats (Beta)
    • 1 hour Technical Advice (1:1)
    • Office Hours Access
    • Dedicated Slack Channel
    • Access to Toolkits Documentation
  • Peace of Mind

    Every month
    Run a service reliably without the hassle of maintenance
    • Everything in the Service Ops plan, plus:
    • Unlimited service maintenance**

Note: Propel features marked as (Beta) are available to try as a preview of our latest features before their official release.

*      Prices exclude sales tax.
**    Valory engineers will maintain your service and update it to the latest major versions of Open Autonomy. Maintenance does not include adding new features.

Looking for more?

Get a brand-new bespoke service, designed with all the functionalities your project requires.

Starting at CHF 10k.

"Propel is a perfect offering to help us progressively decentralize our stack. It will allow us to take a major step forward in the decentralization of our content scoring and reward system on Autonolas. We are thrilled to be leading the charge in the realm of trustless off-chain applications and embracing the opportunities that come with open-source development to revolutionize the world of content marketing."

Philipp Kothe, Co-founder and CEO of postmint

About Valory

Meet the pioneering team of engineers, scientists and designers behind Propel and Autonolas.

Image by Arthur Mazi
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About Autonolas

Crypto's cutting edge framework for developing custom, DAO-owned, decentralized off-chain systems.

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